The Anatomy of Procrastination

By procrastinating, a person doesn’t know what they have done for around 218 minutes a day. In other words, more than 3 hours go missing every single...

Successful People Know When and What — to Give up and Move Forward

“Never give up,” is a common piece of advice that we’re given when we’re facing difficulties. People think giving up is not an option, as we often...

How to Harness the Creative Power of Constructive Conflict

Conflict is everywhere. There always seems to be an argument about politics, religion, or generational gaps on social media and late night television. What if these disagreements...

Steven Soderbergh’s New Movie Writer Likely Doesn’t Exist

'Logan Lucky'-credited first-time screenwriter Rebecca Blunt is not real, sources say. read more

HBO’s Slavery Drama ‘Confederate’ Faces Minefield of “Fundamentally Problematic” Issues

Industry vets are hesitant to (publicly) judge so soon, but what makes the premise so controversial is "that it threatens to erase the actual history," says activist...

‘The Emoji Movie’: Film Review

Tony Leondis' kid-flick 'The Emoji Movie' tries to turn text-message punctuation into a colorful more

Tracy Morgan Talks TBS Comedy and Post-Accident Life: “I’m a Better Man Now”

Morgan headlines the forthcoming TBS comedy 'The Last O.G.' which marks his first series role since '30 Rock.'read more

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon to Star in Series About TV Morning Shows (Exclusive)

The project, from HBO alum Michael Ellenberg, is poised to hit the marketplace in the coming weeks and be shopped to premium cable networks and streaming

Being a Leader Is Overrated: Find Your Unique Superpower

Having interviewed hundreds of candidates, I heard similar patterns when it came to career goals. Many people talked about wanting to be leaders or managers when talking...

I Insisted That I Can’t Meditate. Then I Changed My Mind.

In our fast-paced society today, we seem to be in a constant struggle to keep up. While the advancement of technology has its benefits, we are now...

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